The Legend of the Ghost Concubine Chinese Romance Novel


On the day of the wedding, Feng Xi Er laid on top of the ‘Ghost king‘, eager to take off his wedding robe. He squinted his eyes, flipped over and switched their positions. He held her dishonest hand and said, coldly, “Miss is so eager to get on This Prince? Are you so desperate?” Feng Xi Er was just desperate to prove something, and once again reached out to take off his mask. The Ghost King smiled evilly, grabbed Feng Xi Er’s wrist and began to remove her robe and say: “Since Miss wants it, This Prince shall satisfy you…”

Chinese title: 绝色芳华:鬼妃传

Genres: Transmigration, Romance, Historical, Comedy

Author: 阿娣

Chinese raws:

Rank: top 150 in 69shu

Terms of use:

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Ch 1 – Crossing over

Ch 2.1 – This Prince will not marry you

Ch 2.2 – This Prince will not marry you

chapter 3.1 (over at Foxaholic)


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