2019 Korean drama Angel’s last mission: Love review

Just started watching this Korean drama. With actress: shin hye sun and actor: Kim myung soo, L

Synopsis: Dan (Kim Myung-soo) is an optimistic, carefree angel who is always getting into trouble. In order to return to heaven he is tasked with a mission to find true love for the talented but emotionally distant ballerina Lee Yeon-seo (Shin Hye-sun), but ends up falling for her himself.

I’m at the fourth episode currently, and i think it’s quite a good show! Interesting, funny and sad at times. I think Shin Hye-sun acts quite well, although very bad tempered and arrogant but also very pitiful. And the guy is quite funny haha.

For now my rating: 9/10

Just completed the whole show, and my rating is 8.9/10 because of the last few episodes – i think it could have been better.

Regarding last few episodes (spoiler):

Like the last few episodes was quite like repetitive already – he wants to sacrifice his life for her and she wants to sacrifice her life for him and we go through several times where either of them almost died… and then after everything he comes back as like a guardian angel, just watching over her, but suddenly for reasons untold, she could see him, and happy ever after?? very randomly. i guess it could have just ended with him as a guardian angel full-stop, or give a reason for this. Or have a happy ending sooner without all that to-and-fro.

Nonetheless, still a show worth watching! Funny and pulls on your heartstrings! & really loved shin hye-sun’s acting!

In any case, go watch it~!


LGC Ch3.1 – This prince does not want to see such a woman anymore

(The Legend of the Ghost Concubine)

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LGC Ch 1 – Crossing over (Chapters relocated to foxaholic)

(The Legend of the Ghost Concubine)

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The Legend of the Ghost Concubine Chinese Romance Novel


On the day of the wedding, Feng Xi Er laid on top of the ‘Ghost king‘, eager to take off his wedding robe. He squinted his eyes, flipped over and switched their positions. He held her dishonest hand and said, coldly, “Miss is so eager to get on This Prince? Are you so desperate?” Feng Xi Er was just desperate to prove something, and once again reached out to take off his mask. The Ghost King smiled evilly, grabbed Feng Xi Er’s wrist and began to remove her robe and say: “Since Miss wants it, This Prince shall satisfy you…”

Chinese title: 绝色芳华:鬼妃传

Genres: Transmigration, Romance, Historical, Comedy

Author: 阿娣

Chinese raws: https://www.69shu.com/txt/27716.htm

Rank: top 150 in 69shu

Terms of use:

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Ch 1 – Crossing over

Ch 2.1 – This Prince will not marry you

Ch 2.2 – This Prince will not marry you

chapter 3.1 (over at Foxaholic)


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Korea travel/ itinerary (Jeju 5 days)

Went to Korea last month (June) so here was what I did! 😀

Jeju (5days)-> Busan (4days) -> Seoul (3days)

Jeju Day 1:

  • Stayed: Jeju Resort (Airbnb)
  • Evening: walked at the beach
  • Dinner: seafood place nearby. The Abalone porridge was quite nice (although I didn’t find any Abalone…?) and then seafood hotpot. The ajummas were super friendly and cute which was nice c:

Day 2:

Osulloc Tea Museum
  • Climbed hallasan – SO exhausting (>5h total). But so worth it cos the view was superb. Luckily I saw insta before going, that ppl packed food like gimbap so we also did and ate there around lunch time. Met a friendly ajussi while climbing and chatted a bit.
  • Osulloc tea museum – innisfree shop was unfortunately closed.. Bought the set to eat there – cake & tea & bought some tea back as souvenirs.
  • Dinner: Chicken and beer at jeju town
  • Shopping street

Day 3:

Monsant Cafe’s View
Shinhwa Theme Park
Dongmun Night Market
  • GD Monsant cafe – Pretty cafe with super nice view of the sea. Took many pictures there. But the food (dessert, cakes) was so-so and I tried the royal milk tea, which was labelled ‘HIT’, – not nice..
  • Lunch: ate at a ramen seafood shop nearby. Walked: at the nearby small gifts shops as well
  • Shinhwa Theme park (20+sgd from KKday) – super empty lel. Like the rides had no queue and was mostly only us at a time. 1 of the roller-coaster was quite fun and I rode it like 3, 4 times. All their rides were the spinning type.
  • Duty-free shop – walked at the mall near to the theme park
  • Chill: at Guemneung beach nearby (actually wanted to go to hyeopjae but taxi driver said this one was prettier and it was right beside the hyeopjae so stopped there instead)
  • Dinner: Dongmun Traditional Market – all the food stalls, like Taiwan night Market. Ate the big corn dog (with cheese and sausage inside yumz), some (lobster?) toast thing. Also had a set of Abalone, prawn. And had meat cubes thing which was good.
  • Bought soju, beer from e-mart – drinking night with friends

Day 4:

Manjanggul Cave – apparently tallest lava column
10/10 best black pork belly restaurant
  • Lunch: Ginseng chicken soup – at a famous place. Tasted very healthy (abittt too bland for my taste) & portion was so big.
  • Manjanggul cave – was SOO COLD. Cave inside was pretty cool although I still don’t really get the science behind it, all the volcanic lava and stuff. Has the tallest column in the world apparently. 
  • Checked in: at Airbnb right at the bottom of seongsan. And the view around was really nice.
  • Dinner: Black pork BBQ – recommended by the airbnb owner. SOOO DELICIOUS. Best samgyeopsal (?) EVER. really juicy. And I can almost use the phrase: melt in your mouth, for it. And for all 3 of us, it was only 60,000 won. 10/10 best black pork belly.

Day 5:

Sunrise from Seongsan
Bike at Udo Island
Hallasan fried rice
  • Seongsan Sunrise peak – woke up at 4am for sunrise. Had a shock cause the first gate we saw was closed, so we thought we can’t go up. But saw people from a distance so followed them – went up through the ‘exit’ gate. Didn’t feel cold because of the hike (stairs non-stop). Sunrise was AMAZING – literally saw the sun looking like an egg yolk slowly rising up from the sea. (At first thought that it couldn’t be seen, because of clouds or what, cause it was getting quite bright, but nope, patience) was so excited cause probably my first proper sunrise?
  • Rest: at airbnb for a while
  • Paik’s Coffee: had a sausage bread and chocolate latte
  • Udo Island: took the ferry there, and rented an electric bike (was quite scary at the start cause cannot control the speed haha) Lunch: Marinated pork and added on Hallasan fried rice
  • Women Diver show at hallasan: bought some raw seafood to try
  • Dinner: Black pork street, the store beside dumbledon. (But yesterday’s black pork near hallasan was definitely nicer)
  • Shopping Street

Day 6: to Busan —> TBC


Top 10 Chinese Romance Web Novel recommendations

Recently been into reading web novels and these are my recommendations~

  1. 三生,忘川无殇 (Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang) https://www.novelupdates.com/series/sansheng-wangchuan-wu-shang/
    • a story that follows the courtship between a stone from Hell and a god from Heaven that begins in the underworld and spans for three lifetimes in the mortal realm
    • Interesting and very touching as well, made me cry
    • My rating: 10
  2. Rebirth on the doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau https://www.novelupdates.com/series/rebirth-on-the-doors-to-the-civil-affairs-bureau/
    • Yu Dong (FL) traveled back in time right when she was dumped 10 years ago, and proposed to Xia Feng (ML) who was also in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and got their marriage registered.
    • FL is very likeable, and is quite a relatable story – she just wants to find a person who loves her basically, and very sweet ~
    • My rating: 10 
  3. Chong Fei 宠妃 (The beloved imperial consort) https://www.novelupdates.com/series/the-beloved-imperial-consort/
    • its a good twist from the usual, she’s domineering and ‘hong yan huo shui’, smart and mischievous, adorable character that is quite likeable, not just the good innocent kinda character, (she is actually good though). & yes not all-powerful or all-knowing, but just smart and witty. and he spoils her (so i do like ML too) but still has his emperor arrogance and dominance. she’s just fulfilling her role as ‘chong fei’ and wants to live well, but in the end it does show that she does love him. it was quite interesting to read, their relationship from start to end. sometimes, funny. only at the last ch did i feel that it was quite sad (cried). Might want to re-read this again when english translations are done. (I read in chinese when the translations were ongoing)
    • My rating: 9.5
  4. 鬼王的金牌宠妃 (Demon Wang’s Golden Favourite Fei) https://www.novelupdates.com/series/demon-wangs-golden-favorite-fei/
    • Transmigrated FL, super strong, very sweet, my first few reads so it was quite interesting
    • My rating: 9.5
  5. Lucia (oops this is korean, translations still ongoing) https://www.novelupdates.com/series/lucia/
    • Lucia dreamt of her future, where she was married off and led a miserable life. So she woke up and tried to change her future. Pretty interesting, and sweet
    • My rating: 9.5
  6. Reborn As My Love Rival’s Wife https://www.novelupdates.com/series/reborn-as-my-love-rivals-wife/
    • this was really quite funny! haha and unique
    • My rating: 9.5
  7. 一时冲动,七世不祥 (Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse) https://www.novelupdates.com/series/seven-unfortunate-lifetimes-all-thanks-to-a-single-moment-of-impulse/
    • Quite similar to Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang because they experience a few lives in the mortal world together
    • My rating: 9
  8. 重生之将门毒后 (The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage) https://www.novelupdates.com/series/the-rebirth-of-the-malicious-empress-of-military-lineage/
    • Rebirth after having miserable life/betrayal, change of personality, revenge, schemes etc
    • My rating: 9
  9. Transmigrator meets Reincarnator https://www.novelupdates.com/series/transmigrator-meets-reincarnator/
    • She transmigrated into a book where FL cheated on ML, and ML reincarnated, couple growth and stuff, not bad~
    • My rating: 9
  10. 皇后无德 (Empress with no virtue) https://www.novelupdates.com/series/empress-with-no-virtue/
    • The free-spirited and brutally honest Ye Zhen Zhen was unwillingly chosen as Empress to the playboy Emperor Ji Wu Jiu. Their very first wedding night, she kicked the Emperor down from their bed and he sought out his concubine instead. This completely disastrous start was only the beginning of their eventful life together.
    • My rating: 9

Special mentions (currently reading & translating):

  1. Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man https://www.novelupdates.com/series/every-vicious-woman-needs-a-loyal-man/
    • A fluffy rebirth story
    • My rating: 9 (as of yet)
  2. The Yakuza’s Love towards the kitchenmaid is too heavy https://www.novelupdates.com/series/meshitaki-onna-ni-yakuza-no-ai-wa-omosugiru/
    • Super funny story, romance
    • My rating: 9 (as of yet)
  3. The Legend of the Ghost Concubine
    • Historical transmigration romance story
    • My rating: Haven’t read far enough yet

If you know other good / similar novels, pls recommend~ c:


Floating Utopia ArtScience Museum

Just went to the Floating Utopia exhibition yesterday night (Friday). It was free (!! haha main point) and also interesting. Highlighted the history of inflatables and how there was a ‘balloon fever’… saw an interesting use of it in japan many years back (for shelter from rain), and air mail started with balloons in Paris.. and then culminated to space travel. Which was the highlight i suppose the huge moon (until now, i don’t know if it was an inflatable… or a hologram??). It was actually quite crowded here! (don’t know if it’s cause of friday night.. ) and there was some.. performance? Could not see cause i was way at the back – hence, couldn’t take a photo as well of me ‘carrying’ the moon haha (ok i actually did – with my strong fingers haha). Anyway, didn’t see the performance but heard uh electronic music?

Anyway, free – so just go HAHA.


Nearing the end of the exhibit – moon inflatable/hologram
(creepy) inflatable – the black thing there was a face..