Floating Utopia ArtScience Museum

Just went to the Floating Utopia exhibition yesterday night (Friday). It was free (!! haha main point) and also interesting. Highlighted the history of inflatables and how there was a ‘balloon fever’… saw an interesting use of it in japan many years back (for shelter from rain), and air mail started with balloons in Paris.. and then culminated to space travel. Which was the highlight i suppose the huge moon (until now, i don’t know if it was an inflatable… or a hologram??). It was actually quite crowded here! (don’t know if it’s cause of friday night.. ) and there was some.. performance? Could not see cause i was way at the back – hence, couldn’t take a photo as well of me ‘carrying’ the moon haha (ok i actually did – with my strong fingers haha). Anyway, didn’t see the performance but heard uh electronic music?

Anyway, free – so just go HAHA.


Nearing the end of the exhibit – moon inflatable/hologram
(creepy) inflatable – the black thing there was a face..