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Have been recently into web novels, Chinese, Korean or Japanese (See my recommendations 😀 ). I usually find the novels through novels updates and if the translation’s not done, i’ll go to the original raws to read (for Chinese).


Anyway, going to try to translate a chinese novel: The legend of the Ghost Concubine. (Found it from 69shu’s top 150 ranking, so hopefully its good ~) (And maybe in the future, can try to give a hand at Japanese novels to practise/learn Japanese at the same time)

Terms of use:

  • No use of my content anywhere else besides my own site. Especially if you have not even gained my permission. (have noticed some sites copying and pasting my translations, which is quite unpleasant, please stop, and if anyone sees this, please tell them to take it down.) D:

I suppose i should have some disclaimers:

  • I’m not a professional translator or editor so not going to be responsible for the accuracy, typos, misrepresentation of content, translation quality, grammatical mistakes etc (no criticisms ty, but ok to constructive suggestions~)
  • Working a full-time job so the chapters will be out at my own pace, will try to release regularly (twice a week) – breaking into 2-part chapters

Suggestions/ support/ tips/ praises are all welcomed and appreciated, thank you~ 😀

Hope you enjoy it~


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